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  • kök, café och marknad
  • kök, café och marknad
  • kök, café och marknad
  • kök, café och marknad

kitchen, cafe & market

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kitchen, cafe & market

It can be a kitchen, it can be a cafe! Let your child use her/his imagination!

Let's play kitchen, or maybe we want to play cafe? With a simple design anything is possible!!

The side boards come punctured so things can be hung from there and the back comes with 3 shelfs so all your kiko+ and gg* toys can be stored in here!

size : 600 x 230 x 900 mm
material : plywood / fabric
parts : kitchen(with bowl), garland x 2

package size : 480 x 930 x 80 mm / 6kg

※the product as depicted in the pictures might slightly differ
※the product needs assembly (phillips screwdriver, takes about 20 minutes)

kitchen, cafe & market

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Partno: GG14


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