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Anker / Water Bottle - Panda dark rose

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Anker / Water Bottle - Panda dark rose

It's here! It is finally here - our long anticipated Anker Water bottle! The super cool water bottle can both keep 375ml liquid warm and cold. It comes with a normal lid and a sports lid.

The ANKER water bottles are made of the best quality steel on the market – 18/8 steel. The steel is super durable and virtually cannot be torn apart. There are no coatings on the inside and it does not give any kind of chemicals or flavours.
The water bottle contains 350 ml of liquid.
The water bottle has a thermal function and keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.
The water bottle will be delivered with both a sports lid and a steel lid, which makes it usable, practical and cool for both children and adults.
The steel lid is a screw cap made of steel like the bottle.
The sports lid is made of PP and is BPA free.
Both lids have a handle so they can easily be attached to a bag or the pram. Both lids are completely tight due to the silicone in the lids – which is also BPS free.
The water bottle should be washed by hand with a bottle brush due to the coloured surface and the thermal function.
The water bottle cannot go into the microwave oven.
The paint on the water bottle is durable, water based, and the content of leads is insignificant and within EU regulations.
Steel is the best material to use with food and drinks.

Quality: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 17 x 7cm

Anker / Water Bottle - Panda dark rose

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