60 years of miffy

Miffy turns 60 in 2015 and we'll be celebrating this all year! You can read all about the special events that will be organised to mark this important milestone here. 

Miffy was originally created in 1955. Whilst on a rainy seaside holiday in North Holland, Dick Bruna entertained his young son by sketching a little bunny that kept hopping about the garden of his holiday house. Each evening he would make stories up about the bunny and soon Miffy was born. 

The logo for 60 years of Miffy shows how Miffy has evolved; at the start, she looked like a soft toy with floppy ears, but quite soon her form changed to a more human-like body, a round face and longer, more pointed ears. Dick Bruna decided Miffy was a girl bunny as he preferred drawing dresses to trousers. In the later years, her whole silhouette grew softer and more rounded, particularly her ears and face, so they were more balanced.


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