kiko + brand is inspired by Kaz Shiomi, Kukkia's director.
Kaz wanted to produce wooden toys with fun shapes and vivid colours in collaboration with various guest product designers.
kiko+ debuted at the Maison & Objet salon, Paris in January 2011.

kiko + toy brand's theme is "art and play, play and children and children and the Forest".
We are developing wooden toys aimsd at children around the World, to maintain a sound environment and forests we use wood certified by the international organization · FSC® management and certification (Forest Stewardship Council = Forest Stewardship Council).

In addition, we use clear safety standards body · ASTM International, (the world's largest scale "ASTM", safety standards) · We also have the 'Conformite Europeenne' of Europe "CE EN71", toy safety standard. If you look closely, kiko + uses a logo where the font of the first character is different. This is to represent all the different races, languages and cultures of children from around the World. The shape of the 'k' looks a bit like someone moving forward towards the next 'k' letter.
The meaning of "child" has also been put into the name. In Japanese "ko" means "child" and "ki" means 'wood'.
There is also a meaning for the '+'. It is to say thanks to the people who have helped create and build kiko +.

Without the cooperation of many people, the factory and public support, it would not be possible to make any our products. The "+" represents the feeling of thanks for the product that is made with your support.
Another meaning for the '+' is that we hope children for many generations to come will want to play with our toys.

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  • Kiko+
    Aloha Pineapple Try to concentrate on keeping the tower up and don’t let it ...
    Art. no. K023-YL
    189 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Ditto - a toy that makes your child think! Ditto is a creative toy that cult...
    Art. no. K07
    899 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Usagi - a pair of Loving Rabbits A pair of delightful, inseparable rabbits, ...
    Art. no. K016
    449 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Hikoki Jet White A wooden jet airplane with a pull-back self-wind engine for...
    Art. no. K014-JET-WH
    379 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Machi Tower Bridge To add to your London set, or as a standalone, a new piec...
    Art. no. K004-UK-BR
    299 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Machi Town New York The world famous Empire State Building, Times Square- wh...
    Art. no. K004-NY
    749 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Machi Tiny Town Be the mayor of your own tiny town! Machi- Tiny Town : Be t...
    Art. no. K004
    379 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Tsumiki - Building Blocks Wooden House sumiki means "building block" in Japa...
    Art. no. GG09
    1199 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Gakki - A Trio of Melodic Musical Instruments Three different sounds for you...
    Art. no. GG02
    579 SEK
  • Kiko+
    Kuruma Blackdot Kuruma Blackdot. a great new twist on an old-time favorite.F...
    Art. no. K001BLKDT
    229 SEK